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Monday, November 19, 2007


Current mood: hurried

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So frustrated.  Today I read that those Songs: Ohia re-releases have already gone!  Despite signing up to the Secretly Canadian mailing list for these (although I think I was already on the list so I probably took myself off it) I didn't receive any update and I missed them.  None available anywhere!  ARGH!

So typical.

Ended up going and spending the money on an album series though which is probably a better way to spend my money - because I've got the digital copies of the S:O stuff - and gets me 11 CDs limited to 6 copies each (well, 106 but these are alternative covers).  Makes me feel much better about my day.  More Starving Weirdos, Ilyas Ahmed, Tom Carter, Gregg Kowalski.  Bit of a lot to spend in one go but anything for those guys.
Also laid hands on 'While my guitar violently bleeds' by Sir Richard Bishop this week, which was a tad disappointing, as was the Acid Mothers Guru Guru release, but that picked up.
And finally the new Davy Graham album arrived!  It's taken all of 18 months since paying for it, but worth the wait.
There's a new Letting Up Despite Great Faults track around at the moment as well, go over to their myspace and check it out, pretty good.

Ooh, one last thing, any Brit that happens to read this, watch Channel 4 tonight at about midnight (can't remember the exact time), 'Zatoichi' is on.  Fantastic re-make.

Looking forward to the England game later this week as well, finally have a chance of getting through.  If they don't their wages should be taken away from them for a month because it has been a relatively easy group.
Unlucky to Scotland as well, deserved more but did well.  Still, shame

Recap on past album mentions:

Harris Newman's 'Decorated' is a good album.  However, it's broken up rather strangely and doesn't flow so well as 'Dark was the night' did and has a few of the same tracks.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno / Je Suis France.  the AMT half of the 12" is excellent, probably the best I've heard from them, and as it's limited to just 350 copies I'd highly recommend trying to get ahold of a copy before they're all gone.  Je Suis France don't float my boat so much, but maybe it's having to compete with AMT on the other side...  It just felt rather fragmented and not quite fully realised.
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