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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I went to Minnesota (aka this one time in bandcamp

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And it was a hell of an experience. I know I said I'd make a blog every day I was there, but I kind of forgot about that, plus I was busy as shit too. So I'll just make one blog and group them all together.

Day 1 (Tuesday): Got on the plane and stuff. Experiencing modern flight was cool for about 5 minutes, then I got bored and played Metroid until I landed. First two people I met were a guy from Rhode Island (Zach), and a guy from Houston (Jordan). They seemed pretty chill. We hung out in the lounge of the dorm for a couple hours while everyone else arrived, and after a while we went to Subway for lunch. After that, we walked to the college for an introduction and to get signed up and everything. We got our lunch badges (to show that we paid for lunch already), and our photo ID badges and talked a little. I talked to a couple of people, including a drummer and a female bassist. After that my memory's kind of fuzzy, but I think the three groups of us (Business, Recording, and Performance) went to where we should be, so I went to the Studio. 

From there we were split into two groups based on experience, Protools and Garageband. I was put in ProTools, and we got to check out a multitrack session of Is This Love - Bob Marley and found out about the 12 string guitar and piano that I didn't know were in the song. After that, we had a dinner of pizza and a movie, and went back to the dorm. We met our roommates, played some games, and watched some TV, and went to bed. No one got a good night sleep since we all had to adjust to no air conditioning and a loud street, so that wasn't exactly fun.

Day 2 (Wednesday): Another kind of fuzzy day, especially since I had a severe lack of Monster in my system. I remember going to the Mall of America, but I don't really remember what happened in the school the other day, so the second section is gonna be bigger than the first.

Woke up, went to the lounge, had breakfast, watched TV, yadda yadda yadda not very exciting. Went to the college, took attendance, went to the studio, made a loop in protools, some other stuff I'm sure. Met my protools partner Jonah, and I was lucky I got him since he knows how to work a mac. We had lunch and shit, I met his roommate Dan, and then we all piled onto a bus to go to the Mall of America.

They gave us 5 bucks and said where to meet up, so I just took off in a random direction, having no idea where the meetup location was. I wandered until I got to the 3rd floor somehow, and spotted a Best Buy. Not any ordinary Best Buy, but one with a musical instrument section, so I went straight for the acoustic room. Played some nice Taylors, some shitty Takamines, and practically sprinted out of the room when I saw Dan and Jonah walking around. Dan was a local, so he knew where the meetup location was, so I just followed him around the rest of the time. We played some electric drums.

This day was great because Dan and Jonah were in search of 12 packs of soda, and I was in search of Monster, so chances were that if they found their soda, I'd find my Monster. We found a store that basically looked like a gas station, and I stocked up on Monster and soda since the dorm water was awful. We wandered around for a while, went to a Mac store, which was all iPads, a Windows store which had those huge table touch screen computers, went to a game store, and went to eat dinner. After dinner we met up with the rest of the group and went home. I planned on chilling in the lounge again, but as soon as a bunch of girls walked in my room to chill with my roommates, I decided I'd just stay in there. Now that I think about it, it wasn't the best decision, but I had no idea how the rest of the week would play out.

Day 3 (Thursday): Actually got a semi-decent sleep. Woke up, went to lounge, etc. etc., nothing exiting this morning. Went to the college, had a small concert from some indie musician, then went to the studio to start working on an original song for Sunday's concert. I rented a guitar but couldn't think of anything, so we ended up just using the MIDI keyboard and wrote a funky kind of song. After that, we had lunch and stuff. After lunch, we worked on our songs in the studio, then went to the park for an outdoor concert, where I got a bug bite that's still annoying me. After that, we went to the dorms, played Super Smash Bros. Melee, and went to sleep.

Day 4 (Friday): Friday was a busy day. We started the day out by having a small concert by Howler, and then we spent an hour in the studio. After that, we all hopped on the bus and went to a CD manufacturing plant. Following that, we got on the bus, drove back to the dorms, and played some Super Smash Bros. Brawl again. Kind of uneventful day, if you ignore the concert and CD place.

Day 5: Saturday: Saturday was a really fun day. We had 5 hours in the studio today, so we scrapped our older funky song and came up with a technoish song. After that, we had lunch, went back to the studio, dicked around on the Macs, and had a tour of the studios at the college. I got to see a console worth over $100,000, so that was kind of cool. There was also a 5.1 mixing room, which sounded really nice and had a really cool board with lights and stuff.

After that, instead of hanging with Dan and Jonah, I decided to hang out with the female bassist I mentioned earlier (Christine), a guy with an SX bass (Tucker), a singer (Jordyn), a super awesome violinist (Meredith), a ginger (Brad), and another singer (Taylar). We jammed out to some songs I'm not exactly proud of (Friday, an MCR song, a couple other that I don't remember) and some I liked, and just had some fun since I hadn't jammed in a long time. We headed back to the dorms, and Christine, Jordyn, and I watched some classic cartoons such as Thundarr the Barbarian, I am Weasel, and maybe a couple others. We talked a bit, then said goodnight.

Day 6: Sunday: Sunday was super fun. We started out in the studio, bounced our tracks to disk, then started to watch a boring movie about sampling. I got a text from Jordyn to go watch Corpse Bride or something, so I went over there and watched the last 1/3 of it with her and Meredith. We went to lunch after that and hung out outside with Tucker and Christine until they had to go set up and stuff for the concert, at which point I chilled with Dan and Jonah. Got to listen to a few good songs, a few shit songs, and got some props for the song I recorded, since they played those inbetween live songs. After the student concert, Howler played a set, and I said my goodbyes to Tucker, Jordyn, Dan, Jonah, Meredith (who wrote down my name so she could creep me on facebook), and a few others. I was surprised to see that Christine was gonna stick around for one more night, since all the other locals were just going to go home, but it made sense later.

We went back to the dorms, I went on tinychat for a while (I did that pretty much every night), had a couple people ask if Christine would fuck me (which she kept saying "no." to), we played some Super Smash Bros., then went to bed. I got a new roommate since there were so few of us left, and was told that my roommates weren't sleeping since one had to leave at 5 in the morning. They said they were gonna chill in the girls' room at about 1:00, and I was like "k koo" until I got a text from Christine asking if I wanted to come over when everyone was asleep. I said sure, I'd be there when the guys left to go to the girls' room too (two different rooms), and thought we'd just chill or something. I go in, we make small talk about furniture or something, then sit down. Then she's like "I don't usually do this, so I'll just be blunt. Wanna have sex?" or something to that effect, and I'm like "Heh"..."wait, are you serious?" and she goes "Yeah". I spend some time thinking about it, then decide yeah, I do.

If you guys really want me to go into detail of what happened in the following 2 hours, I can, but I'll just shorten it and say that we did a lot of stuff, I couldn't get it up, she went to bed, I went to my room to tell the guys I'm staying in her room for the night, they're like "Nice job bro", then I fell asleep in her bed.

Day 7: Monday Final day: Monday was the final day, and it was kind of awkward due to the previous night's events. I woke up, started to walk out of Christine's room, she woke up, I told her I was going to brush my teeth since my mouth tasted of old Dr. Pepper. I went back and wasn't allowed in the room while she was changing, which she admitted was kind of weird since "it's not like you haven't seen me naked". She gets dressed, I sit there while she packs, then we go to my room, she walked around while I packed, and we headed to the lounge. We sat on the sofa and watched Invader Zim for a couple hours, she left, and we had an awkward last goodbye. My one roommate hopped on the couch as soon as the door closed and was like "So dude, how was last night?", I told him, he's like "Shit happens to the best of us", then I did fuckall until I had to go to the airport.

Some events may be on the wrong day, but I think I at least got everything in. If you read it all, thanks, and you must be bored.
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