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Friday, March 07, 2008

My Blog of Guitarism Day III

Current mood: Happy

Today I went home quickly after school and began playing on my guitar in the warm sun. I continued with the Secondhand Serenade song Awake and I also played the Cassis intro for some variety.
I took a break and sat down by the computer, listening to some music and chatting with my friends. Then I went for something to eat and after that I began to play again. It all went very well today, my fingers doesnt hurt as much as they did yesterday even though I've played more today. My skills have improved a lot today actually.
I divided the song into levels to make it easier for me to learn it:
The Intro: This is pretty much counted as completed! 100%
The Verse: I began to play on this yesterday but didn't come far, now I already know it very well! 80%
The Chorus: I started with this part today but didnt come very far. 30%
The Chords: Tried but I'm not sure how it's going. 10%
The Chorus+Chords: Haven't even tried here yet.
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Blog of Guitarism Day I & II

Current mood: Proud

When I saw the icon "My Blogs" I came up with the idea of writing down what I've played and how it went a few days a week so I guess I better get started!
Yesterday was the first time I played guitar... ever... Well it went great actually! I played using tabs from here, the two songs i played were;
The Gazette - Cassis (Intro)
Secondhand Serenade - Awake (The beginning of it)

I've been posting some in the forum and I've also been looking around the website - its a good site and I'll keep using it.
Today my fingers hurt...haha but well "No pain, no gain"! Been playing the same songs today and now I notice a slight difference with changing the position of my fingers, which means progress already! I am proud, but I wont play as much as I did yesterday because then my fingers will begin to bleed or something haha!
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