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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Hunt for New Gear

Current mood: cheerful

We are all dreaming of getting new gear and upgrading from our 200dollar starter packs.

I might as well post the gear i would like to buy so hopefully some poor sucker to stumbles across my profile would see this and just happens to be selling the stuff I want :\

Anyway here's my list
Ibanez JS1200
Ibanez S or JS100 body
Mesa Boogie 5:25 or F30
Boss RC-2
Digitech Whammy

if any of you or someone you know are selling these at a fair price please let me know :)


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Friday, July 04, 2008

My Forum of the Banned

lolz i got banned :o

apparently i posted pointless comments and in pointless threads.

as far as it goes i kinda do miss posting randoms in the pit and i can still view it logged off.  but to be honest i dont really miss it..

so thanks for the bann, i think i won't have to hang out in the pit as much anymore now that i know i can live finely without it :)
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


my first blog

just testing it out, trying to complete my profile. yea~nice weather

oh yea, i bought myself a Vox Ad15vt amp, very happy with it.  me and my friend was meant to just go and try it out and look for his 6505+ amp which he plans to buy.  but i ended buying one :| ah well...

sorry to bore you if anyones reading it :(

there, i wrote my first blog

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