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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Famil(y)iar World

A Famil(y)iar Face
__________________________________________________ ______________________________
I used to have a theory that parentage was the idea of instilling values
and morals of a decent nature into children and it seems we all fail.
But shockingly in reality its nature is so contradicting.
Double standards issued by the dominant "role models" with such examples
being "privacy", where upon the the child is encouraged to
part with words they may not be comfortable to speak in anyone's company.
Yet the adult(erers) set such an example by maintaining their privacy in "adult" issues.
Everyone acts differently around their peers and it's so hard for
the empowered to understand and they never will because at any attempt
of explanation an opinion is underlined as rebellion or contempt.
So we shape human beings and breed children like animals by using
excessive physical force and I can say my backside still burns red
at the stinging of a thousand slaps.
Is this violence our decaying society? Where words offend as much as the actions that give them meaning?
He won't care anyway. Only his opinion is right. He always wins.
There's nothing you can do. Submit to the stranglehold. Make your father proud.
You'll let him down one day. The pressure is always there. You're always tied and bound.
You'll never be free because in this life we don't do things democratically.
You don't have a voice and when they tell you to shut up you know damn sure to
give them your silent obedient consent. Or find yourself on the scrap heap.
And they accuse you of acting like you don't care in this one-way relationship.
(Doesn't that contradict the meaning of the very word "relationship"?)
I'll never stop paying my thanks for how I've been brought up (I wasn't dragged up that's for sure),
and there's a difference between respect and disagreement. Disagreement will always exist
so why not deal with it rationally and responsibly - like an adult one could say.
but it doesn't mean I appreciate the incessant ruse to act on someone else's accord.
Would you rather be proud of a child for standing up for what they believe?
Standing for a diplomatic solution to family disagreements, rather than threats
of say: violence, financial abandonment or simply out-casting?
Funny how nation states act in a nearly identical way.
When will families stop acting like institutions and governments?
And actually play a part in coercing this splintered world.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just For You

Just To You

Just another reason to hear you say my name,
would be like learning to ride my bike again.
I fall and you're the stinging scratches,
Still there's an overwhelming satisfaction,
That beats this underlying irritation, you are.
There is no right way to take that: no one's perfect
I guess all I can ever give to you is my honesty, but
You're the nearest perfection was to ever being correct.
And before I wrote this, I had to stop to think:
Yeah, I'm scared and I don't know if I should
But I guess I'll do this anyway
Because it's never easy to say
I wish I had you here for a valentine's day.
I'd be lying if I saw this as an achievement,
Sometimes I just get high on feeling torment.
I wonder is this emotional virus laying dormant?
Just waiting to be unleashed upon ourselves and
And I guess I want you to know I've meant what I said,
I don't like the way these thoughts are led.
To you. And again right back to you.
It's always to you. Nothing new. Just to you.

Something I decided against writing inside an anonymous Valentine's card.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

False Dichotomies

False Dichotomies
__________________________________________________ ______
Their uncovered tracks weave from Mossadeq's casket
to the buried putrifaction isolated in Rwanda.
Another million cries unheard and swept beneath
business contracts and more financial attraction.
How can they argue and place their finger
and put it down to apathy without a thought
that it might be their fault.
They've simplified satisfaction,
re-wrote the script to create this fetid faction.
Video games to replace education,
but the minutes they writeup at their meetings,
spell out concerns over voter turnout.
How can we not distinguish between
murder en masse in foreign countries
but murder on our own streets?
Such rare distinctions in moral values,
why are they not the same?
why do we not treat them the same?
Murder is murder. Just because it's dressed up
to look like work and compliments
your national interests doesn't mean
it's any more important than sorting
out the streets. But then again, to much
surprise - is it any wonder why there's
killing on our streets when they see
what the troops our doing on tv?
And yet we should respect and honour
these compatriots. Please accept my aplogies
if I'm not weeping in my union jack
hankerchief when hearing their eulogies.
I'm tired of being observed as a bad cliche.

Inspired ny right wing nutjobs. Kinda cliche but tried writing in an intellectual way - propagandhi-esque.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amongst The Rest

Well every day I try to make my feelings be known
A rookie move again and the shit's been blown
A roll of your eyes and and a tilt of your head cues
The preceeding cocktail of excuses and lies.
Like getting higher hanging from a thin thread
A dangerous game the wrong move and it's dead
Same old stories and the same old cover ups
About how it's everything but my fault.
This rejection from everything I know.
This rejection from everyone I ever want.
Rejection and it's driving me insane.
Sick of fiction giving me pretext for a future
Sick of having to listen to another lecture
Always consistent in being back of the line,
My self-esteem is flawless in decline.
This predicament cannot be misunderstood,
It's just comprehension of the daunted
Well I'm taking the path of feeling sorry
And I'm taking the lead of hopelessness to...
This rejection from everything I know.
This rejection from everyone I ever want.
Rejection and it's driving me to insanity,
And back again.
My words only ever write bad fucking luck
An identical script from my never-ending book
I'm being complacent and she's taking control
This time I won't hide away or play my role
Not gonna be your laughable reject.
All optimism just disappears in time.
Loneliness is starting to call herself mine.
Signed our wedding vows on the dotted line
Surely my misery is a sure bad sign?
Of this rejection, further rejection.
Rejection and it's driving me to insanity,
And back again.

I wrote this after listening to a lot of old Green Day, so that's the influence behind it. Just meant to be pretty simple really. About trying to get a girl, but always beign brushed off as insignificant as there's nothing about you to set you from the pack.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Defined By A Card (It's Your Identity)

Defined By A Card (It's Your Identity).

If nationality combined with the prospect of identity didn't tempt us enough, would we still search to forge stronger divisions in boundaries (or more familiar: borders), to relieve ourselves from the pressure
of fitting in? Territory is never the issue until some dumbfuck has
the bright idea of using it to define the people within it - misconceptions born within heritage.
Broad generalisations heldat ransomby the hands of "diplomats"
to use national identity to herd all the sheep. To excuse any comprehension
that the remaining populus may have about policy objectives. The objectification of human opinion that stems from torrents of constantly protracted, converged political viewpoints. Still fickle minds find reason in their conjecture, to scapegoat anyone that doesn't quite fit the demographic. Let the evidence show the employment of Israeli tanks to the streets. An incident personified to represent what our national identities achieve: so-called "civilisation".
Doctor Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish lost his three daughters in an Israeli bombing;
committing their life to serving peace. A reward for Palestinian and Israeli lives he saved: an occupation of his homeland and starvation of his fellow countrymen alike, to join the 3 child caskets in the funeral urns. Another cause for further divide. And we still wonder why Hamas rockets are being fired into Israeli territory? So fucking naive to the Zionist media overseas.
Another minor blow for peace. The first one being struck in 1948 where
an Isreal was set up as a homeland for one religious sect and ONE only. How can we expect understanding between cultures and societies, when we allow certain sects a means to hegemony. When will anyone have the jurisdiction to stop putting up with this bullshit zionist bow to
strength and nationalism? And my only prayer: This pre-concluded, box-cutter ideology should be overdue to be brought to its end in sacrilegious procession.
Don't simplify their jobs as bureaucrats by bowing to the pressure they
bestow upon your back with excuses of "security". Only you are the decider
in your true identity. Your passport can't take that away. Yet.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Making Not-So-Important History

Making Not-So-Important History
__________________________________________________ ____________
You'd have thought that sometime within the first decade
of this new millenia, we could profess the advancement of
the human race's evolution. You could be forgiven for
believing that this life is a re-enactment of planet of the apes.
(Don't forget we share 99% of the same DNA).
Yet despite the obvious familiarity we shrud our shoulders
in insignifcance while we wipe out any significance that they
should be allowed to maintain as a functioning mammal like us.
Animals living in our jurisdiction that they should be
insuboardinate human subsidies. So maybe I sense justice
that although we burn their beds we're slowly killing any chances
of a healthily existant world for our future sons and daughters.
For every tree burned. For every emission of profitable gases.
Another melting ice cap is perched amidst the antarctic, adding
importantly to the point at which the brink of history is re-defined
in the sense that history is all we'll be. We'll all be history someday.
Hopefully not today, or hopefully today for some. Am I the only one
that's embarrassed, to burn the bridge we all stand on to eradicate
the fear of when it finally collapses?
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Devil In You(r) Angel

The Devil In You((r) Angel)
__________________________________________________ ______
There's an equation but I don't know the ins and outs.
There's a lot of numbers but I can't count to the right amount.
I'm sweating thinking about the times I thought of you.
I've been dreaming recently about forgetting all of this.
Can you see the hypocrisy? Maybe so. Maybe not.
Wake up screaming. Gasp for breath.
Suck the reality into your lungs. The bitter taste.
The sweetest revenge will never be good enough for me.
It would be impossible to equate a fitting end for you.
The blank walls in this cell you have me locked in
Have anecdotes about the devil written about the angel.
He says the angel is the devil in disguise. How would you not know?
The sparkle of the halo won't blind my sight to see through.
The twinkle of those eyes won't help me avoid the lies you spoke.
Don't throw stones from your glass house.
I'm not trying to protect you. Just everyone else.
When it shatters they won't pick up the pieces.
They won't clean the mess. No one wants to cut themselves.
Where's the logic in putting yourself on the line for a dying breed?
Ask a whale. They'll keep hunting until they've got you in the keep.
I'm tired of drinking myself to sleep. That's a double-whammy.
This truth serum won't erase the past.
I won't re-align my loyalty just to forgive it.
Evaluate the chances that we will recover after death.
I think not.
I had my suspicions about his existance.
You fortified that one alright. Solid as gold.
For fuck sake. How could the silver lining have turned so grey?
How did that sweet smell of revenge turn to shit?
I guess you're gone. And now I feel even more alone.
Is it possible to turn back time? I try my best to kid myself.
I just broke it by trying to turn it back in my head.
I fucked it up just like you. But I'll never be the same.
No. I'll never be as bad. I'd rather be without you.
I'll perform my own biopsy before I start to think positively about you.
And I'll help perform your autopsy when I'm finally rid of you.
Always refute an angel.
They might turn on you.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

If Dependency Ruled The World, I'd Be King

Dependency Rules The World And I'm King.
__________________________________________________ _______
I've been told the world is my oyster
But not a sign sign of that valuable pearl.
My failed attempts to liven things up
Conceeded to the dull ache behind my eyes
Lost sleep is the enemy of good time.
I've fought against the most uesless inhibitions
To a bloody end, bloody screams from my will again.
Pointless friends built their pointless facades long ago
Guilt trips cost less than romantic holidays it seems.
Here I am again standing at the harbour's end.
Watching the ship in the distance sink below the sea.
Another time for another place for another one
It slips between my fingers into inexistence again.
I need a reason to act on what I think,
But I'm not sure if what I think is anything I know,
Or if what I know are the things I believe anymore.
A selection of emotion. All I ever had to act upon.
Two roads to follow. To the treasure or dead end.
Ambition succumbs to apathy we never shed a tear.
When we waste away to clocks just to under achieve.
We can't take this on. We'll never take it all.
The warning light doesn't flicker or fade.
It never initiates from the start.
A deleted memory. An edited storyline.
As your back turns again, I let my eyes burn
A gaping hole through your skull for dependency.
One more try for the past? One more try.
One more second for the hours? One more try.
I don't have shit to waste until it comes to you
But the billowing smoke from the warning signal
won't ever let me see this through.
I've tried and tried to flood the ocean for this.
I can finally hold my hands up to my failed theses.
No re-birth of the past. Not a regret worth to last.
I won't hold on to myself if I rely upon dependency.
Can agree we'd never be enough?
The world will catch us in the end.
Will I apologise profusely? Everything will always depend.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dear Fool, Love Your God

Dear Fool, Love Your God.
As the dark clouds engulf the sky
They can't erase the imprint of this light,
The moon's beam so powerful in the night.
The swirls of the clouds
Fail to wipe this mystery away,
Like the indecision I await.
Is there a deity here to stay?
Where we die to be acclaimed?
To irrelevance or our fame?
A sweeping motion.
A bright light, to a shade of grey.
A deathbed, we predict to lay
In a ditch of dirt we'll rot away.
Is there any help of knowing?
A solence for us? Not quite.
Repression. What is there for us to do?
Will we dissipate to our fears?
When our functioning seizes to exist?
(What is that purpose anyway??)
Retainment. Retainment of my pride.
I will know before my memory subsides
I rejected to sleep in the comfort,
Of this blanket of potential lies.
Why are we so sure?
What happens when we start to fade?
Will these bright lights turn grey?
Some common ground. Can we please lay.
We're in the dark. What can we say?
Believe what you will. Reality is a bitter pill.
Inexcusable. You have to swallow.
Acceptance of this. Our only chance.
Is more importance than believing
In an afterlife just by perchance.
As the dead skin peels
From my burning lips
Smokey air begins to whisp
And infatuate my mind
How did this come to be?
This world so unknown to me.
Don't fall into the animosity.
You don't have to die by the sword,
Just 'cos you lived by it from day one,
No one will escape whatever takes them away.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Banking In Crisis

Release the sling and watch the shit fly.
A nation in turmoil but no one knows why.
Political consistency has failed us again.
Amusement gathers to watch the middle ground.
Crumble in a fight for power amongst themselves
The normality has passed it's sell-by-date.
The banality of everyday politics
Has hit the deck as it waits for impact
Of the collapsing economy.
Millionaire professionals spash out
On swarve suits and ties.
Where's the justice of their mismanagement?
The noose of redundancy
It's time it dangled above their heads.
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