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The Trooper [Guitar only]   (03:13)
A cover of The Trooper, just guitar on this, with the metronome. { Tags : the, trooper, iron, maiden, adamdk, streve, harris, janick, gers, bruce, dickinson, guitar, metal, nwobhm }
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Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Cover   (04:46)
My cover of one of my favourite A7x songs. All guitars recorded by me, the drums and bass are from a backing track. { Tags : a7x, avenged, sevenfold, unholy, confessions, matt, shadows, johnny, christ, zacky, vengeance, zack, backer, brian, haner, junior, synyster, gates, the, rev, reverend, thlomew, plague, jimmy, sullivan, waking, fallen }
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Improvisation   (02:02)
An improvisation featuring chords, a main solo then layers of solos underneath, all improvised over each other. { Tags : adamdk, adam, guitar, rock, metal, solo, improv, improvisation, jackson, ibanez, line6, pod, studio }
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One Blood Solo   (00:37)
Figured out by ear, it is the solo to One Blood, the song at the end of Green Street Hooligans. { Tags : green, steeet, hooligans, one, blood, terence, jay, adam }
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Seize The Day Solo   (00:51)
A cover of the solo to Seize the Day. One or two mishaps here and there. { Tags : seize, the, day, adam, adamdk, avenged, sevenfold, gates, synyster, brian, haner, junior, a7x }
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Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heavens Door Cover   (05:26)
Hey guys, I just recorded a cover of GN'R's version of this Bob Dylan classic. I also threw in some improv in solo two and during the break after the second solo. { Tags : guns, roses, adam, adamdk, epic, slash, axl, rose, duff, mckagen, matt, sorum, steven, adler, izzy, stradlin, dizzy, reed, bob, dylan, knocking, heavens, door, gilby, clarke }
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