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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bant Blog T-2: Stupid Idiot of the Day and It take

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Alright Check.

All of you ant's anuses should be ashamed of yourself. Like that one time your grandmother caught you teaching yourself and for some reason you didn't get flaccid right away ashamed.

Look here.

Originally Posted by LaidBack
15 watts is giggable if there is a house PA. As for the 50 watt part, I think you are just a little confused. How would you go about "boosting the output"? I don't want you ruining an amp, care to elaborate?

see thats my problem...I'm trying to figure that out  

The problem with driving the 8x10 cab with a 15w head is that its not as "efficient". Granted it will still sound decent but you have the tendancy to wear out the cones more by doing this. 

baisically a class A amp takes the low gain input from the guitar, puts it on top of a signal given by the OT, and then puts it to a speaker. Based on however that OT is hooked up, you can get different voltage increases, aka 120:120 ; 120:360 ; 120;420 based on how you wire it up. 

this was kinda the idea that I had, only instead of needing the full 120:420 it wouldn't need as big of a bump. 

I'm just trying to formulate ideas here on how to more effectively drive the cab. 

and no, you can turn an amp on without a load, most amps have a circuit to deal with it when your speaker isn't hooked up, its not recomended but it wont blow anything up, cause undo wear possibly on tubes though.


ever wonder why you have to match impedences??? its all simple circuits. If the OT is set up to run a 8 ohm, then it doesn't matter what you hook into it as long as its still 8 ohms. but if you've got a crap ton of load on it, you end up either drawing voltage or current depending on how you have the speakers wired. Power is defined as voltage*current. Voltage is a potential difference and current is the ability to do work. Without one or the other, your SOL. The OT might be rated at 8 ohms of resistance but the more you hook up, the less current and voltage you have to drive the speaker coils with. Each 10" speaker takes ~10W of power to drive it well. you under drive it, it will work but rather inefficiently when you try to get volume out of it. There's simply not enough there to drive them without getting warm. The resonse is slower and you don't get a good snappy response as if you were outputing what was recomended.

this is also why an 8 ohm system can drive 16's but not vice versa. The system needs to pump enough power to drive the 8, so extra impedence doesn't matter but it just wont work as well. The other way arround is over powered and you end up going past the rating for the speaker. 

also, your wrong in the whole open-circuit thing. Almost all modern amps have built in load resistors to make sure the whole thing d
oesn't blow up in an event of a speaker failure. again, not recomended for extended periods but its not going to blow up.
mended but it wont blow anything up, cause undo wear possibly on tubes though.[/quote]


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gumbilicious wrote on Sep 23rd, 2010 4:08am

no, i think i responded earlier, it only took one more post to realize he was a vacuum of knowledge. he really thinks he knows what he is talking about though


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