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kr46 (2)
Thursday, December 03, 2009

Well now...its been a while!!!

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Hello fellow UGers!!!
I have been through some pretty unbelieveable shit since I last posted a blog. Hell, I havent even looked at my profile on here for months. And what do I come back to? The goddamned ads that wont go away!!! You have to close them in EVERY PAGE!!! AAAARRRGGHHH!!!!
Well, anyway. I am back to recording songs, finally. I just posted the first one called Savior of Fools. I got a lot of experience to write about. Wanna hear about it? Sure you do, LOL!!
Well, it all started, like most everything with a girl. She was a very beautiful girl. Sexy, covered in tattoos, eyes to die for, and absolutely out of her mutha fukkin mind!!!!
ON our second date she tells me she has I had fallen for her pretty hard and she assured me that it was treatable and that she was going to a clinic in Houston to get it treated and gone. That next weekend is when she left. So all weekend we were texting and calling, and finally she came back. I picked her up from the airport and we went to her place. She told me that they got most of it, but not all. So time goes on, she starts "deteriorating" and so she goes and sees her doctor. I would take off work to take her there and be with her. I missed a lot of work. She never let me go back with her to see the doctor, she says she doesnt want me to see her vulnerable. That should have been red flag no. 1. Well more time passes and she said the doctors give her two weeks or two months to live, so she asked me to marry her as a dying wish. Well, how can you say no to that!? So we got married, not much later we decided to move to Alaska to be with her cousin and for her to live out her final days. Arguing insued after I questioned her about not letting me go back with her to the doctors. Because she was "rapidly going fast" I wanted to talk to a doctor about what we are in store for. Well, I know why she never let me back there. We got the results from her records from VA that the care center sent for up here, SHE NEVER HAD CANCER AT ALL!!! She was scamming to get meds, more importantly, narcotics!!!!! So, we kick her out of the house here. She is who knows where and I dont really give a damn where she is. Can you believe thaT? Who the fuck lies about having cancer?
So, anyway, I find myself single again, for the millionth time and I think this time, I am gonna stay that way for at least two years or so. How am  gonna be able to trust any one again after that?
Well, hopefully some great music will come of it. I hope you guys enjoy hearing about the pain I am going through through the magical music of METAL!!!!!!!!
It's good to be back. I've missed you guys
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kr46 wrote on Dec 3rd, 2009 10:24am

Hey Bud , hell that is one evil bitch..Dude You did an oustanding thing for her just to be kicked in the teeth like this..I don't know what anyone would do in those circumstances...To lie about something that a lot of families go through (Myself included with my parents) is just unimaginable and there can be no excuse at all....My thoughts are with ya bud, what shines here is your character, hell of a guy....I wish you well my friend. I look forward to hearing your awesome music again and thats something that no-one can take from you..Peace bro.


Diva Blue wrote on Dec 4th, 2009 5:28am

There is so much I could say on all this, but you don't need it, already know it, or it's irrelevant to this site. So I'll just say....glad you're back, Lord Metal. I've really missed you.


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