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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bailing out the record companies....

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I heard on the radio yesterday that three record companies were asking the government for bailout money. It didnt say which ones, but I mean REALLY!!!!
I tell ya what the record companies should do, how about actually signing bands with actual talent? How about insted of telling bands how they should sound, let them freely express themselves. The record companies dug their own holes because they thought to set too many trends that just doesnt last. And we as consumers and music fans, are just about fed up with it. The problem with music today is this. A band usually gets signed and use material they wrote long before they were discovered for their first album, so the first one is usually their best. Then the following albums fall short because they are based on what the popular sound is and they want to sell their albums. They have a hit or two and the rest of the songs on the cd suck because they focus too much on gettin that hit. Take Godsmack, for example. I thought their first one was great, but they had already sold 25 or 50 thousand copies of it before they were picked up, but their albums since then, just havent been as good.Napster came along right on time, if you ask me. It came around the time Mtv stopped playing videos(thats another blog coming) the music trends were really crappy, pop music got way out of hand. R&B just destroyed the charts, and rap....well, I'll just hold my tongue on that screw it, free country right?
I think Rap is the most responsible for the demise of the music industry, as we knew it.
By the time Napster came around, that was pretty much the only way for us Rock'n'Roll and metal fans to find anything worth a damn. The music stores didnt hardly carry any, Mtv sure wasnt playing it and radio, well, radio sucks. They play what is popular, with some exemptions, but not many. Not until Satellite radio, that is.
I was so fed up with not being able to shop for CD's because , frankly, there wasnt anything out there that I liked. I mostly listen to bands from Europe, and if it wasnt for Napster, I would be lost, becaue I discovered there was a strong metal and rock presence over there. But even their record labels dont do enough to promote them over here. And who can blame them. Here in the States, most people like to be told what they want to listen to by the radio, tv and magazines.
But anyway, why buy a CD with one or two good songs when you can download the ones you like for free?
I am seeing a growing trend of people listening to older classic rock due to the success of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and more and more younger people picking up the guitar or bass and wanting to play like Joe Satriani.
Nobody will ever pick up a guitar and say that they want to play guitar like Chad Kroger.
So this is to the record industry. Start signing bands that actually have talent and minds of their own and we MIGHT start buying your CD's again. No government bailout is gonna help you, the only people who can bail you US, and right now, we just dont give a damn about your sales numbers.
Long Live great music:headbang:
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DaphneStrat wrote on May 7th, 2009 11:58pm

I have been schooled - I didn't know that the record companies are asking for a government bailout too! I agree with your views on music today. Since you brought up Chad Kroeger, I think he makes a good example of the quality of musicianship these days (I mean, its gotten to the point where I don't even know the names of the people in these bands because they all sound the same). Believe it or not, I own Nickelback's first album and I like many of the songs on it. However, everything after that sounds EXACTLY the same (their 'hits' also all seem to have the same lyrical premise). I never really thought of it as being due to what record companies want bands to sound like but that makes a lot of sense. Also - props to games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band - there are finally some games out there for kids that don't condone disgusting violence (i.e. Grand Theft Auto) and perhaps will get them into something positive (playing music).


kr46 wrote on May 9th, 2009 7:53pm

Say it bro ..i agree and thats why i love U.G its full of originality "First albums" as you put it ,, I always watch Rockworld T.V its full of unsigned acts ...let the Record companies struggle we might get some origininal material then.. over her in U.K by the way there is NO dedicated radio channel for metal and the stuff they play panders to sensitivity too much....long live the Musical Revolution.


playinbass1432 wrote on May 22nd, 2009 2:47am

Music was here before the industry was, and I'll be fucked if they think they can stop us from enjoying it.


Cionnaith MacRi wrote on Jun 9th, 2009 4:56pm

Amen.......I got used to several "Christian" record companies back in the 80's through radio station contacts. Suffice it to say that the industry mimics whatever it thinks will sell, good, bad, or ugly, hence the abomination known as rap. Nothing more appealing than a trio of gangbanger kids poundin garbage cans and spoutin bad misogynistic poetry, right? I think it all boils down to people who have money "owning" music. If I make it, it's mine....when I die, well...I would personally make it public domain....but that's just me...anyhow you're right on as usual acidious, keep up the great work!


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