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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Well now...its been a while!!!

Hello fellow UGers!!!
I have been through some pretty unbelieveable shit since I last posted a blog. Hell, I havent even looked at my profile on here for months. And what do I come back to? The goddamned ads that wont go away!!! You have to close them in EVERY PAGE!!! AAAARRRGGHHH!!!!
Well, anyway. I am back to recording songs, finally. I just posted the first one called Savior of Fools. I got a lot of experience to write about. Wanna hear about it? Sure you do, LOL!!
Well, it all started, like most everything with a girl. She was a very beautiful girl. Sexy, covered in tattoos, eyes to die for, and absolutely out of her mutha fukkin mind!!!!
ON our second date she tells me she has I had fallen for her pretty hard and she assured me that it was treatable and that she was going to a clinic in Houston to get it treated and gone. That next weekend is when she left. So all weekend we were texting and calling, and finally she came back. I picked her up from the airport and we went to her place. She told me that they got most of it, but not all. So time goes on, she starts "deteriorating" and so she goes and sees her doctor. I would take off work to take her there and be with her. I missed a lot of work. She never let me go back with her to see the doctor, she says she doesnt want me to see her vulnerable. That should have been red flag no. 1. Well more time passes and she said the doctors give her two weeks or two months to live, so she asked me to marry her as a dying wish. Well, how can you say no to that!? So we got married, not much later we decided to move to Alaska to be with her cousin and for her to live out her final days. Arguing insued after I questioned her about not letting me go back with her to the doctors. Because she was "rapidly going fast" I wanted to talk to a doctor about what we are in store for. Well, I know why she never let me back there. We got the results from her records from VA that the care center sent for up here, SHE NEVER HAD CANCER AT ALL!!! She was scamming to get meds, more importantly, narcotics!!!!! So, we kick her out of the house here. She is who knows where and I dont really give a damn where she is. Can you believe thaT? Who the fuck lies about having cancer?
So, anyway, I find myself single again, for the millionth time and I think this time, I am gonna stay that way for at least two years or so. How am  gonna be able to trust any one again after that?
Well, hopefully some great music will come of it. I hope you guys enjoy hearing about the pain I am going through through the magical music of METAL!!!!!!!!
It's good to be back. I've missed you guys
8:54 am - 2 comments - 2 Kudos
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gonna be down and out for a while.....

My computer, which is 5 years old, has finally crapped out on me, so I wont be able to do any more recording until I get a new PC. So, I will be spending my time practicing, and practicing, and practicing some more so when I get a new PC, be ready for a slew of new songs!! I'll still keep in touch with ya'll.
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bailing out the record companies....

I heard on the radio yesterday that three record companies were asking the government for bailout money. It didnt say which ones, but I mean REALLY!!!!
I tell ya what the record companies should do, how about actually signing bands with actual talent? How about insted of telling bands how they should sound, let them freely express themselves. The record companies dug their own holes because they thought to set too many trends that just doesnt last. And we as consumers and music fans, are just about fed up with it. The problem with music today is this. A band usually gets signed and use material they wrote long before they were discovered for their first album, so the first one is usually their best. Then the following albums fall short because they are based on what the popular sound is and they want to sell their albums. They have a hit or two and the rest of the songs on the cd suck because they focus too much on gettin that hit. Take Godsmack, for example. I thought their first one was great, but they had already sold 25 or 50 thousand copies of it before they were picked up, but their albums since then, just havent been as good.Napster came along right on time, if you ask me. It came around the time Mtv stopped playing videos(thats another blog coming) the music trends were really crappy, pop music got way out of hand. R&B just destroyed the charts, and rap....well, I'll just hold my tongue on that screw it, free country right?
I think Rap is the most responsible for the demise of the music industry, as we knew it.
By the time Napster came around, that was pretty much the only way for us Rock'n'Roll and metal fans to find anything worth a damn. The music stores didnt hardly carry any, Mtv sure wasnt playing it and radio, well, radio sucks. They play what is popular, with some exemptions, but not many. Not until Satellite radio, that is.
I was so fed up with not being able to shop for CD's because , frankly, there wasnt anything out there that I liked. I mostly listen to bands from Europe, and if it wasnt for Napster, I would be lost, becaue I discovered there was a strong metal and rock presence over there. But even their record labels dont do enough to promote them over here. And who can blame them. Here in the States, most people like to be told what they want to listen to by the radio, tv and magazines.
But anyway, why buy a CD with one or two good songs when you can download the ones you like for free?
I am seeing a growing trend of people listening to older classic rock due to the success of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and more and more younger people picking up the guitar or bass and wanting to play like Joe Satriani.
Nobody will ever pick up a guitar and say that they want to play guitar like Chad Kroger.
So this is to the record industry. Start signing bands that actually have talent and minds of their own and we MIGHT start buying your CD's again. No government bailout is gonna help you, the only people who can bail you US, and right now, we just dont give a damn about your sales numbers.
Long Live great music:headbang:
4:12 pm - 4 comments - 6 Kudos
Monday, May 04, 2009

Amp's, Good and bad, and the all powerful tube....

I just left a thread on the forums here about someones equipment and he had a Line6 Spider III amp, and HOOOOO BOY!!! Did every body on there rip him for having one. Even he said he didn't know any better when he got it.
I have seen a lot of angst around the Line6 Spider amps here on UG.
Well, I have a Spider II 212. I record my songs with a Tone Port(the old, red one) And I love line6.
Ever since I started playing guitar when I was 12, I have been on the eternal quest for the perfect tone, as we all are. I have been through some really crappy amps, some really good amps, I have played on tube, and solid state amps. I like the Spider because I get the tone I have been searching for practically all my life. I used to buy pedals like crazy trying to find the magic combo to get the metal tone I so lusted for, but I never quite got it. I came close with a Korg G4(remember those), but I got major feedback with that and it didnt quite have the tone I was looking for. So, one day I tried a Spider II out and I have been in love ever since. It has the tone versatility I need, and the pure metal crunch I have so lusted for ever since I heard my first favorite metal band(Metallica)
One of the things I see a lot here is everybody hates them because it's digital.
Now, I regularly check out UG's post pics of your gear thread, simply because I am a gear whore and love checking out different people's rigs. And I see a lot of tube amps hooked up to DIGITAL EFFECTS!!!! So, your making an argument over digital verses tube tone and what are you doin'? Your hooking up digital effects to your tube amp to get the tones I get with just my amp alone!! Correct me if I am wrong here. Isnt that a contradiction?
Now, mind you, if I had the money, sure. I'd get a badass tube amp. But then I'd need effect pedals to get my tone. Unless I get a Line6 tube stack, which I just might one day. Until then I am perfectly happy with my Spider II. I guess it's all a matter of preference, but dont slam somebody just because he or she has a Spider amp. They are good amps, sure there are better, but you'll never find any more versatle without add ons. I know there are similar amps out there that model different tones, just like Line6, but I think Line6 really has cornered that market.
Anyway, my 2 cents.:rant:
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What makes a cheap guitar, or Bass, cheap?

Current mood: contemplative

I look around a lot here on UG and I see a lot of comments about how this or that guitar or bass is a cheap piece of crapola because of where it was made, what kind of pickups are in it, the wood, the neck, an official floyd rose compared to a licensed one, etc.
Well, I have been playing and buying guitars for 21 years and I have been through some real doozies.
When you are poor and you grew up where I did, where there wasnt much as far as music stores go, you gotta take what you can get. I had this one SG copy. There was no name on the headstock, no serial number and the neck was loose. No matter how much I tried to tighten it, it just would not stay stable, and I was stuck with that for a good year. I didnt know any better back then, I had just started and it looked like Angus's guitar. I did learn a lot on that thing, but it sure did suck.
A good friend of mine had a Harmony. It was black and the action was horrible. The hardware felt like it was hollow and made of tin, really cheap sounding single coils, and the wood was obviously plywood. But that was all he could afford.
We definitly paid our dues on crappy junk trying to pass for guitars.
Fast forward to today.
I have not seen that level of crappyness lately. even the very low end guitars out there, of all Makes, are miles away from those old guitars. Squires may be really cheap, but they are still solid enough to gig with. Epiphone was really crappy in the 80's, but nowadays, they have really stepped up their game and are almost as good as their more expensive counterparts. Hell, one of the most resonant guitars I have had was a Tom Delonge Squire strat. I paid 150 bucks for it and I have YET to play one that could hold a note longer, even a Les Paul. I also had a B.C. Rich Warlock lately that was made out of Agathis and it had killer tone and was a joy to play.
My point is, maybe Epiphone and Squire will never be as good as the more expensive Gibson and Fender, and you CAN tell a difference in them, but they are still solid guitars. And really , its all in the hands of who is playing them. I am sure if Hendriz were still alive today he could make a Squire sound just as good as a Fender. It would still sound like Hendrix, regardless.
A lot of people get hung up on what name is on the headstock, or where it was made. I tell you, no matter where it's made, todays standards are leaps and bounds away from where they used to be, and it's all thanks to the high demands we put on our instruments and the higher number of aspiring musicians coming around who need good quality stuff. So keep it up, people. They dont really make "bad" instruments anymore, just different versions.
Keep rockin' ya'll:headbang:
4:03 pm - 22 comments - 25 Kudos