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sonofgkex wrote on May 5th, 2013 1:54am

Let me dumb it down a little more for you.

Too small or unimportant to be worth consideration.
(of a person) Without power or influence.


minazy wrote on Oct 18th, 2012 7:44pm

my name is Minic!!,i am a tall and good looking young girl, after reading
your profile,i will like to have a relationship with you,
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God bless you.


blake1221 wrote on Jan 12th, 2012 1:03am

Acϵ♠ wrote on Jan 11th, 2012 at 5:06pm :
i listened to it in the car today -_- NEEDS MOAR SWEEPZ!! if my friends were at all into music other than rap and hip hop, then i would. sadly, im the group's token white boy rock lover.

Lol more sweeps?? Shit I was thinking about cutting back on them for the next album haha.


blake1221 wrote on Jan 11th, 2012 8:48pm

Acϵ♠ wrote on Jan 11th, 2012 at 11:35am :
LOL that's the exact album if theirs you guys sound like the most. It's not a spitting image comparison, just some of the vocal lines are similar. But hey...being compared to Senses Fail isnt a bad thing

Eh, probably my melodramatic vocals. Thanks for giving us a listen though, really man.

And tell your friends because....yeah.



blake1221 wrote on Jan 11th, 2012 4:11am

Acϵ♠ wrote on Jan 10th, 2012 at 4:43pm :
'member i said your band sounds like enter shikari pre-synth mania? you guys like senses fail, dont you.

You know I've never been that much of a fan. I must have listened to Let It Enfold You all of 2 times, yet we get that comparison a lot.

Do we really remind you of them? haha


Lt. Shinysides wrote on May 30th, 2011 7:45am

Acϵ♠ wrote on May 29th, 2011 at 11:08pm :
yo niggaaa what are you saying? when's your ban up? when are you comin back to shoot the shit in the car thread, i got some shit for you

oh, also in case you guys remember, my mom is still looking for a new car. we've gave up on the Q5 because the wait list is still atrocious in mississauga, and its slightly too big. taking its place, we're either gonna go for the facelifted Tiguan coming out soon (a lot of performance guys dont like it, but it hauls ass with the mighty mouse 4 banger, plus its very very nice inside), bmw X1 (my personal favorite because of the speed), or audi Q3 (nicest, but most expensive, also not coming out for months). plus, with these ones, we can go fully spec'd, instead of a mid-end model. fuck yeah.


Lt. Shinysides wrote on May 30th, 2011 7:41am

Acϵ♠ wrote on May 29th, 2011 at 11:08pm :
yo niggaaa what are you saying? when's your ban up? when are you comin back to shoot the shit in the car thread, i got some shit for you

4995 days lol. its perma for the time being. we'll see whats happening in a year or so. i still browse the car thread occasionally. i try to guide those who i feel are making huge mistakes on first purchases :p


mercymadzoud wrote on Apr 9th, 2011 12:09am

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Jackal58 wrote on Mar 30th, 2011 9:04pm

Come play:


Andrea55 wrote on Mar 23rd, 2011 2:47am

Acϵ♠ wrote on Mar 20th, 2011 at 2:52pm :
yeah but the patriots? cmon, that's the most unoriginal sports team in existence to be a fan of

Oh, I know but I can't help it. :p


Andrea55 wrote on Mar 18th, 2011 9:22pm

Acϵ♠ wrote on Mar 18th, 2011 at 12:12pm :
The giants and patriots?


Yeah, I grew up a Giants and Patriots fan. I blame my dad but he's been a Giants and Pats fan since he was a kid and I got my love of sports from him. We watch all the games so yeah we're pretty hardcore fans. :p


Thrashtastic15 wrote on Jan 31st, 2011 8:27pm

Acϵ♠ wrote on Jan 27th, 2011 at 8:29pm :
lol are you Outrageous Leaf Fan on HF?

No but that kid is a champ


OddOneOut wrote on Dec 1st, 2010 7:39am

Acϵ♠ wrote on Dec 1st, 2010 at 6:35am :
lmao silly brit. what did you think it meant?

When i think of the word "jacked" i think of the phrase "jackep up on <insert drugs.steroids here>"


OddOneOut wrote on Nov 29th, 2010 2:57am

Acϵ♠ wrote on Nov 26th, 2010 at 8:34am :
as in, very toned and existent muscles. i mean fuck you could probably beat me in an arm wrestle.

haha, ah ok that makes sense :P


OddOneOut wrote on Nov 23rd, 2010 1:49pm

Acϵ♠ wrote on Nov 7th, 2010 at 1:11am :
holy fuck you're jacked.

As in, have lots of muscles?


Fassa Albrecht wrote on Sep 22nd, 2010 11:14pm

Cool uke playing? Got any chord sheets for it?


Lt. Shinysides wrote on Aug 31st, 2010 1:05am

Acϵ♠ wrote on Aug 30th, 2010 at 6:54pm :
so you call yourself a middle-classman, yet your parents are getting an audi, you have a bmw, a fuckton of sick guitar gear, and you went to marcellinus.

just move to oakville already, jesus you caste-confusing motherfucker

... my parents aren't getting an audi, I'm getting an audi :p: my mom just happens to be getting one too...

I am middle class. I've SEEN the upper class, they own bentleys. I live in a townhouse lol. middle class as fuuuck.


diamondsx9 wrote on May 13th, 2010 6:53pm

heyy :) srry i havent been on a lot lol I never check my profile. How have you been? :)


csn00b wrote on Apr 24th, 2010 4:42am



vintage x metal wrote on Apr 10th, 2010 10:55pm

thanks so much for the picture comment. it honestly meant a lot; college is fun but it's a real downer on self-esteem sometimes haha


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