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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Philosophical Musings of a 19 year old

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You know what's funny about life? We as humans have barely scratched the surface of "life" as an entity, and yet the vast majority of people simply live without having a deep understanding of what it actually means to "live."

I often think about things that have to do with life as a whole, not just my own. The thing that really gets me in my observation of humanity is that no matter how many problems a single person has, it is just one microcosmic speck of dust amongst SIX BILLION others. They're all somehow linked (the Six Degrees of Separation theory) in a (get ready) macro-geopolitical and socioeconomic web. Once you start trying to fathom numbers as high as billions, you sort of lose your own perspective. The human brain simply is not capable of empirically knowing gigantic numbers. Even at numbers such as 500,000, any one of us probably couldn't point to an actual crowd of that multitude and say, "well shit i can just tell by looking at this number of people that it's 500,000." That, in this author's humble opinion, is just not in our realm of palpable knowledge--but i digress.

Our entire specie [and that in itself is a ridiculously intelligent notion; we have created an entire area of study just to biology, and this i find to be overwhelmingly complex] is comprised of roughly six-point-a few billion individual lives, all of which are unique. No two lives are the same. For example, i when i play the guitar. It is a tangible thing that i value more than almost anything in life. I would rather lose both of my legs than my left hand, which some people just can't imagine. A person that isn't interested in the guitar,who is dedicated to something else that might involved heavy use of the legs would think im crazy. Individually people are different but together they form majorities and demographics.

And im not talking about the living being of a person itself, i mean each microcosm of an existence--the mind of each, the conscience of each, in essence. And this consideration of the idea of "life," as it is, comprises an entirely different area of study that humans are capable of. In this regard, humans are completely different than any species on our planet.

Look at the ant. Each ant has a specific purpose to their tiny existence. Contrary to what Pixar might say, the ant doesn't stray from what it exists to do. It carries on through life, living on their own microspocic turf without even a slight hint that they are as miniscule as they are.

Humans, however, have the ability to choose. This has made life both easy (whatever that may mean to you) and profoundly difficult. We are not morally or ethically perfect creatures; therefore we have both an individual conscience and a collective conscience, and are often flawed. We set our own courses through the sociological web, intersecting what is sometimes thousands of other people's lives.

Then what happens when one person dies is a strange thing. Have you ever looked at the person in the casket at any of the funerals you've been to? It's just completely weird to see a dead person that you knew. To see that they have no life is a very profound and difficult thing. I believe that grief is simply the individual conscience missing a piece of the collective conscience. No human being that is alive knows what is to be dead--try to imagine not living. You can't. Death is many things to many people, but i think that anyone on the planet who lost someone close to them has sensed grief and that is the common denominator amongst all of us.

On a final note, i dont claim to be any sort of expert in these kinds of studies. But i find them interesting and posit my theories of life and ramblings anyways. For the longest time i've also thought blogs are completely gay but whatever, i honestly think i could write a fucking book about this kind of stuff.
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kr46 wrote on Mar 24th, 2009 11:12am

Very deep but well put,,I like to believe in the "butterfly Effect" this is something i came up with once when pondering life,,i believe that the body is just a vestle for carrying the soul like a caterpillar pupae.We do not live in the first stage just gather feelings of existance for the next journey and when we die our souls escape from the confines of the body and truely start our real journey and it is only then we can travel and experience living...
I also agree with your losing a hand remark,,i wrote a blog on just that subject .

ON the blog being gay issue ...mmm..i feel that the community blogs are a fantastic way of reaching out...just like you did there......peace.


jasonggabbott wrote on Mar 28th, 2009 12:04am

Very enjoyable, even if it is "GAY". :)


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