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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

song ...

i stretched  out my arms
hoping she would be there
but when i leped out into the air
all she did was stare
i'm fallin' down
hoping that
both my feet
land on the ground
yeah i'm falling down

its not to late
yeah baby
theres still time
to save me
oh oh ooo
cuz baby
i'm falling down
hoping that
both feet land on the ground
and baby
i'ts not to late to save me
yeah baby
so are you going to save me???

i wrote this today i was just wondering what ppl think of it... i haven't wrote music to it yet so if u have any ideas  leave a comment or two
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Obis (song) need help with lyrics

Current mood: bored

i stare out into the obis
i'm wandering what's after this
i just  don't know
where i'm head to go
and i want to know

where am i'm going
what's coming ahead
i just wnat to know
am i soon to be dead x2
i stare out into the obis
i'm wnadering what is after this
i just don't know
where i'm headed to go
and i want to know
i want to stop guessin
i want to start knowing
where i'm.........
so i stare out inot the obis
i'm wondering whats after this
i just want to know
where i'm headed to go
i want to know
leave comments... i need help with the lyrics they seem to be more repetive every time i play the song so ya got any ideas leave a comment
4:44 pm - 7 comments - 2 Kudos
Monday, August 11, 2008

my last goodbye (song)

as i fell to my knees
i screamed out to the heavens plz
won't u make her come back to me
won't u let me hold her tight
just for one more night

but as i saw her walk away
i knew tht would never
see her again
i'm now left here
all allone
wishin' tht
she was mine
whishin everything was all fine

but i knew
tht we were already dead
and tht i had already said
my last good bye


but for a second
i thought every thing was fine
and for tht second
 she was stil mine

but i still knew
tht we were alreeady dead
tht had already said
my last good bye
wrote thiss song a few days ago ...... just wondering wat ppl think of it

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