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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 10- radiothon- theme Metal love songs

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This week featuring Jasper and UG's own Monkey_Bassist :heart: :heart:
:heart:Metal Love Songs:heart:
LastDecemberIcedEarth                                                                                  Diary- Iced Earth
Love Bites- Judas Priest
Love- Strapping Young Lad
Black Serenade- Slayer
Wasting Love- Iron Maiden
You shook me all night long - AC/DC
In Love- Grave
Love- Gojira
Melissa- Mercyful Fate
My love is holy- Black Raven night
Tears in a vial- Megadeth
Sabbra Cadabra- Black Sabbath
Love- Ayreon
Loves Tragedy Asunder- Demons and Wizards
Strange Horizons- Reverend Bizarre
Suicide Lover- Paul Gilbert
Love Zone- Judas Priest
Save Me- Edguy
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