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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 10- radiothon- theme Metal love songs

This week featuring Jasper and UG's own Monkey_Bassist :heart::heart:

:heart:Metal Love Songs:heart:

LastDecemberIcedEarth Diary- Iced Earth
Love Bites- Judas Priest
Love- Strapping Young Lad
Black Serenade- Slayer
Wasting Love- Iron Maiden
You shook me all night long- AC/DC
In Love- Grave
Love- Gojira
Melissa- Mercyful Fate
My love is holy- Black Raven night
Tears in a vial- Megadeth
Sabbra Cadabra- Black Sabbath
Love- Ayreon
Loves Tragedy Asunder- Demons and Wizards
Strange Horizons- Reverend Bizarre
Suicide Lover- Paul Gilbert
Love Zone- Judas Priest
Save Me- Edguy
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alternate Picking Week 9- Buckethead Special

Alternate Picking

Week 9



Buckethead’s TV Show- giant robot- track 14


Return of augustus gloop- from the coop- 4:32 (recorded 1988 released 2008)

For mom(early version) acoustic shards- track 1- 2:39(recorded 1991 released 2007)

Bucketheadland- bucketheadland- track 1- 3:21....

Buckethead’s Toy store- giant robot- track 4- 8:02....

Caution Drop- Day of the robot- track 5- 8:17....

Watching the boats with my dad- Colma- track 11- 5:06....

Jump Man- monsters and robots- track 12- 4:28....

My sheetz- Somewhere over the slaughterhouse- track4 6:00....

Killing Mask- Funnel weaver- track 32- 2:46....

Sea of expanding shapes- Bermuda.. triangle- track 5- 4:24....

Mantaray- Electric Tears- track 9- 4:11....

Frozen brains tell o tales- buckethead land 2- track 19- 5:22....

....Skull.. ..Scrape-.. ..Island.... of lost minds- track 5- 3:42....

Unrestrained Growth- Population Override- track1- 7:47....

Fountains of the forgotten- Cuckoo clocks 0f hell- track 4 3:22....

We are one- enter the chicken- track 2- 4:01

Pylon Shift- Kaleidoscalp-track 9- 4:32

Escape from inbred mountain- Inbred mountain- track 7 8:20....

Bird with a hole in the stomach- the elephant mans alarm clock- track 12- 4:47....

Buddy Berkman’s Ballad- crime slunk scene-track 4 3:40....

Brewer in the air- Peppers Ghost- track 6- 3:55....

Stretching lighthouse-Decoding the tomb of bansheebot- track 11- 3:18

Track 3 Cyborg slunks- track 3- 4:09

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alternate Picking Week 11

ALternate Picking - Week 11

Chet Atkins & Tommy Emmanuel- the day the fingerpickers took over the world
Al Di Meola- Flesh on flesh
Porcupine Tree- Trains
Joe Satriani- Andalusia
Tommy Emmanuel- The Mystery
The Kill devil hills- the drought
Bob Dylan- Hurricane
Andy McKee- title unknown
Luka Bloom- Be well
Cog- How Long?***********************************
The tea party- save me
Jeff Lang- I still see you
Orphaned Land- The calm before the flood

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alternate picking week 6- another 4 hour epic yawn

Yep. AS i walk into the studio i find out.. Hey you up for another 4 hour show.. Well your doing one.. Peggy's not coming in.. Seeya.. On my own for 4 hours;.. Well except Amanda, Boyd, Emma and Erika on msn

heres week7.

Anubis Gate- Hypernosis
Buckethead- Sea of Expanding shapes
Portal- The circles gone
Gojira- Flying whales
Rainbow- Stargazer
Black Sabbath- Into the void
Anthrax- Caught in a mosh
Slayer- Angel of death
Megadeth- tornado of souls
Metallica- Enter Sandman
Attention Deficit- fly,pelican,fly
Pelican-City of Echoes
Al Di Meola- Fugata
Santana & Everlast- put your light on
Santana- Africa Bamba
James Murphy- touching the earth
Nevermore- my acid words
- Between the buried and me- all bodies
Opeth- Ghost of Perdition
Edge of Sanity- Crimson
Cynic- Focus

Veil of maya
Celestal Voyage
The Eagle Nature
I'm but a wave too...
Uroboric forms
How could i?
************************************************** ******
Frank Zappa- Joes Garage 1

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alternate Picking Week 6

eek 5 was the week i sold out.. week 6, is a show i found out i was doing the night before i was meant to present it. it was a fill in week. i think i scraped through alright though. / setlist /M.. ASH/M..

Judas Priest- Beyond the realms of death
Kiko Louriro- dilemma
Dream Theater- dance of eternity
Mark Hawkins- Wolf in sheeps clothing
Cynic- Celestial Voyage
Gordian Knot- Shamans whisper
Blotted science- activation synthesis theory
Between the Buried and me- the prequel to the sequel
Sikth- way beyond the fond old river
Decripit Birth- A gathering of imaginations
Meshuggah- Bleed
Psychotic Waltz- I of the storm
Behold... the Arctopus- scepters
Steve Vai- for the love of God
Chris Poland- beezlebub bop
Art Metal- vyakhan-kar
Joe Satriani- the snake
Amon Amarth- bloodshed
Ephel Duath- my glassy sheltet
Quo Vadis- break the cycle
Outworld- warcry
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

ALternate Picking Week 4- John Petrucci

Robot Shred Off- The Global Warming Extravaganza


Spawn of the reaper- Josh Hawking

Innocence Faded- Dream Theater


Fife and drum- John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess

Peruvian Skies- Dream Theater

Lost without you- John Petrucci


Saffire Solliel- Al Di Meola

The Pharoah and the nomad- Darkhall


Glasgow Kiss- John Petrucci

Paradigm Shift- Liquid Tension Experiment

Black Star- Yngwie Malmsteen


Birthday Song- Michael Smith

Heaven Coming Down- The tea party


Ytse Jam- Dream Theater

The Glass Prison- Dream Theater



Enter Sandman- Metallica


When the water breaks- Liquid Tension Experiment


The Silent man_ Dream theater

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alternate picking: week two, 4 hour bumper edition

eeeugh!! i wasn't too happy with this show. the computer that has 60% of my music went in to be repaired this week and it hasn't come back yet. so i had to make do with about 200 or so cds. AND THEN just before i got on air, the presenter after me rang in and said there had been a death in the family :( and i said i'd do her show.. so i pretty much winged it for 4 hours.
heres my setlist

I wish i knew (how it would feel to be free)- the derek trucks band
Are you gunna go my way- Lenny Kravitz
Manic depression- Jimi hendrix
Zebra- The John Butler Trio
Run- Cog
Trains- Porcupine Tree
Bones- Luka Bloom
I'm onto something good- princess one point five
(giveaway cd)
Open Invitation- Santana
Evie- Stevie Wright
Dimebag was my feature artist this week
Walk- Pantera
Cowboys From Hell- Pantera
Floods- Pantera
The Sleep- Pantera
Cold Blooded- Damageplan
Flamenco in e
Wonderwall- Oasis
house of the rising sun- the animals
Erotomania-Dream Theater
The Extremist- Joe Satriani
On the way home to earth- Mahavishnu Orchestra
Winds with hands- Pelican
Textures- Cynic
Some brighter thing- Gordian Knot
Universal Mind- Liquid Tension Experiment
Dweller in the cellar- Jason Becker
Forbidden City- Marty Friedman
Rime of the ancient mariner- Iron Maiden
Burning Bridges- Freak Kitchen
Fighting - Pharoah
Born- Nevermore
Tornado of souls- Megadeth
Planet Caravan- Pantera
Immortal Rites- Morbid Angel
Von unaussprechlichen kulten- Nile
fermented offal discharge- Necrophagist
Empty words- Death
What if? -Control Denied
Enthralled in essence- Atheist
Seasons in the abyss- Slayer
his gift of riff, his goatee red, we'll never forget the life he lead- r.i.p dimebag
Cemetery Gates- Pantera

link to "digging through the archives" show
focus on 1991
Lack of comprehension- Death

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Alternate Picking- Official Debut

Current mood: pumped

Marty friedman- Jewel
Paul Gilbert- Play guitar
Miyavi- Are you Ready to love
Queensryche- speak
Iron Maiden- Paschendale
Feature on Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin- Dazed and confused
Led Zeppelin- Kashmir
Led Zeppelin- Babe I'm gunna leave you
Led Zeppelin- Houses of the Holy
Kaki King- air and kilometers
Sikth- in this light
Joe Satriani- Revelation
Edguy- The asylum
Rush- the trees

Songs not to be played in a guitar shop
black listed: deep purple-smoke on the water

dixie dregs-sleeveless in seattle
Led Zeppelin- black dog
Lep Zeppelin- Rock n roll
Led Zeppelin- the song remains the same

(by request from a random over the phone)
Dixie dregs- aftershock
Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven

applaud me :golfclap:


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

losing my radio virginity

So this morning i wake up.. its a normal day. jump in the bath.. the phone rings.. no one answers so i have to get out of the bath and answer it myself grrrr.. It was one of the presenters from bay fm asking me if i would come present later that day.. i was dripping wet so agreeing was the easiest way out of the situation.. lol. so in a few hours i prepared a show. and presented it. i lost my radio virginity.. had the studio to myself for a whole couple of hours.. only made a few mistakes. i left the mic on at one point after i put on a song. and i cussed quietly.. hope no one heard that.. anyways here is what i played tonight

John Butler trio- take (aussie)
The tracks- dynamite (aussie)
Ash grunwald- give signs (aussie)
Cog- How long? (aussie alt prog rock)
porcupine tree- trains
Joe satriani- andalusia
John petrucci= glasgow kiss
John petrucci and jordan rudess- hang 11 (cut out halfway thru grr)
liquid tension experiment- universal mind
Jason becker- dweller in the cellar
Megadeth- holy wars
Necrophagist- fermented offal discharge (love the solo!!!)
Death- crystal mountain
Rush- la villa strangiato
Cynic- textures
gordian knot- shamans whisper
rainbow- starstruck
whitesnake- kittens got claws
Mercyful fate- at the sound of the demon bell
Death- voice of the soul
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You know what is slightly odd?

Current mood: curious

I have more profiles views on UG than I do on Myspace now. Whats with that?
OK I have no life at the moment, everyone is studying for half yearlys and I'm researching chapman sticks for my viva voce..
Rock on UG
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