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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Current mood: aggravated

I freaking hate the guy who arranged the songs for my school production, my god. He has to be the twattiest idiot to ever attempt life. I'm playing lead guitar, my mate's playing rhythm, and the moron has made the songs that are supposed to be played on guitar, only playable on piano, and even then it's incredibly difficult. He expects 17 fret jumps at 180 bpm, chords to be played that double up on some strings, or require miniscule fingers, or stretch further than even Mr Hendrix would have been able to manage!
He's put the songs in twat ass keys too, making them that much harder to read and understand. He's confused my guitar teachers with his work, even one who did 8 years of guitar school.
He's a complete moron, and I absolutely despise him.
And this is all to be played by students that are supposed to have 2 years experience in classical style guitar.

Then again, he does play the trombone, for god's sake.
You can actually google him. His name's Hamish Arthur.

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