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Sunday, September 07, 2008


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Ok, I've uploaded almost all the songs I've done by ear only.  They are from Tora Tora, Jim Matheos, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Great White.  I have a few that I'm I haven't finished for ages and can't seem to get the motivation to try it, or just plain do it.

I have the other 5 Tora Tora songs mapped out and only the solos need to be finished.  Also 3 or 4 other TSO songs are done except for solos.  I have 1 Matheos song that needs proper notes and timing as it was done on PowerTab 1.0 which didn't have that stuff during its first working model.

I also have 1 Pintsize song that only needs the last 30s of the solo figured out.  Too much is going on and I can't hear what he's really playing.  Pintsize is AWESOME punk band with Paul Gilbert on guitar and Linus Of Hollwood on bass.  Linus's wife sings.  The cd rules!  I want to tab it all out at some point.

I imported all my PowerTabs into Guitar Pro because I recently bought an iMac.   I know the import wasn't 100% accurate. I've tried to go back through and fix what I could find wrong with these, so if it still sounds a bit wrong, it could be the import, or just my bad transcription.
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