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Sunday, September 07, 2008


I have a thought.  I'd love to finish off these tabs I've got sitting here collecting dust.  Is anyone willing to help me?

Say you want to add bass to one of the songs, or drums, or piano, I say go for it and then we can re-upload it with the corrections.

But what I really need is a good guitarist to help me with some solo transcriptions.   Any takers out there? 

I have 5 Tora Tora songs, 3 TSO songs, and 1 Pintsize song that I could use help with.

I would truly be greatful.  I just had a daughter 5 months ago and don't get to play like I used too!
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Guitar Pro Uploads

BTW, I originally only used PoweTab 1.7 do do tabs.  Never Guitar Pro.  So I had to import everything into GP.

I've done probably 400-500 PT's in the last 7-8 years.  Most was directly out of music books and then I change a few things I disagree with.  Not sure if I'll upload them or not because they are not mine, but I've done a lot and have like a 500 books.  If you want to know if I've done something or got something, drop me a line.

I do think I will upload my Loudness collection.  They are too good not too.  People need to be able to jam to Akira!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Ok, I've uploaded almost all the songs I've done by ear only.  They are from Tora Tora, Jim Matheos, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Great White.  I have a few that I'm I haven't finished for ages and can't seem to get the motivation to try it, or just plain do it.

I have the other 5 Tora Tora songs mapped out and only the solos need to be finished.  Also 3 or 4 other TSO songs are done except for solos.  I have 1 Matheos song that needs proper notes and timing as it was done on PowerTab 1.0 which didn't have that stuff during its first working model.

I also have 1 Pintsize song that only needs the last 30s of the solo figured out.  Too much is going on and I can't hear what he's really playing.  Pintsize is AWESOME punk band with Paul Gilbert on guitar and Linus Of Hollwood on bass.  Linus's wife sings.  The cd rules!  I want to tab it all out at some point.

I imported all my PowerTabs into Guitar Pro because I recently bought an iMac.   I know the import wasn't 100% accurate. I've tried to go back through and fix what I could find wrong with these, so if it still sounds a bit wrong, it could be the import, or just my bad transcription.
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