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Friday, December 12, 2008


Current mood: creative

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Im tryna form a christian rock band..sum ppl get kinda held bak wen i ssay "christian"

im a christian and i rock it out just as well as bands like linkin park,etc..

i play hardcore rock,hard rock,or just rock,i play the guitar and i play tha drums too,but my guitar is my baby.ive been playing guitar fer about a year now..a year doesnt seem that long but honestly it depends on how much you apply yourself..so i guess i can say i apply myself alot becuz alota of ppl think im pretty friggan good..and yesz i am a chick dnt take it as a bad thing im just as good as guys! ultimate-guitar gave me sum pretty good tips with expanding my skills on the fret board..the tabs did help me out alot..uhm wat else,,,,Oh! ive been in sum bands b4,they went pretty good but none of my friends were christian,not that thats a bad thing..but the negativity of my friends were gettin to me to much,and i was gettin myself into things i didnt want to sooo i just had to distance myself......im on a positive outlook here..so all christian who are interested in making sum hard rock christian music lemme kno..becuz im interested..music is my passion,,..:down:but god is my passion more.i want to play for god not for fame..and its doesnt suck that making music is also rly friggan fun..and and trust me christian SERIOUSLY kno how too rock it out i should kno=]....hear sum of the songs on my profile those are typically my style,and the styles im lookin forward to doing if i do sum how form a band:wtf:





get at me on aim: sexxiijany02:wavey:

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