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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Current mood: thirsty

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This is the lyrics for my song, Deicide.
A political disease spreads throughout the public, infecting their already brainwashed minds. Stripped of all thought, they proceed to the glorification of the administration. Now believing it to be a sanctuary, religion turns to republic, creating a massive deicide. Dissolving religion all-together, government officials now reign as the definitive power. Controlling their minds through deception, Legislature create doctrines composed of fallacy, coalescing mankind with conformity. Spiritually inept, they worship the flag, transfixed in sacrilege. Faith converts to treason, resulting in genocide and persecution. All that is sacred deteriorates. Eternal enslavement becomes inevitable. Apocalypticism hails over hypnotized masses, releasing plagues upon their pitiful existence. Hell ascends to the earth, spreading darkness throughout the world. A population consumed by their own demise, doomed to infernal damnation. Helplessly devoted, they fall to their knees, praising their new ruler.
I'm no longer religious.:wtf:
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