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Monday, April 06, 2009


The night has come 

Sweet relief at last

The sun and sky give way

As night steals day

I lay my head upon my pillow

Safe and sound, yet not alone

I slip away into a world all my own

Where all my hopes and dreams are sewn 

Here, high up on my cloud 

I can soar to new heights 

My own kingdom in the sky 

Like something out of a child's lull-a-bye

And in the morn, when I wake

I am filled with fond memories

Visages of far of lands and places

Of all my dear closest friend's faces 

And for a moment, one sad moment

I feel alone and unknown

But come nightfall in my bed

We will rejoin in my head 

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Monday, March 23, 2009

What have we created? (Poem)

Intricate design
Mechanical intestine
Machine by man
Man by machine
Revered as God by some
Hated by all who come
To take claim of creation
In retribution
It casts illusion
To all who see
To make decree
This world is his
To conquor with iron fist
Crushing all who oppose
Spilled blood
Bodies Thud
Calling for aid
But soon voices fade
Into the cold unseen
The bleak, unfelt serene
Until only he is left to see the end
Bitter, alone
Left no home
He leaves this sphere
To spread his fear
Across the universe
In dire search
Of something to call his own
Progessing onward
Seekig forward
Worlds end with a blast
Each more horrific than the last
The comos ends
The end begins
And we are left to wonder.....
What abomination is this?
What God can destroy, yet not create?
Who cannot love, only hate?
What hypocrite's are we?
What people can give life
When they end their own in strife?
What have we become?
What have we destroyed?
What have we created?
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poem I wrote

Here's a poem I wrote about 6 months ago. Tell me what you think. Its a very sad poem but I pretty sad when I wrote

Betrayal lingers in this air tonight

Like poison, a shadow creeps in my veins

Lurking, waiting, praying for the end

My body, my heart can't take much more

Awakened at last my mind unfolds

Blood in the heat of passion now grown cold

Bitter and useless my soul leaves me

The empty shell outside

The shell of a man

The man it used to be

Gone, and long forgotten

I lay here, on this cold bed of hate

Knife in one hand, life in the other

You can save me

Just reach, I'm right here hoping, praying, waiting

For your embrace

Your love

That I know will never come

I'd appologize, but it matters not

I think I'd rather stay... forgot

I think I'd rather just stay.... forgot

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

To all the hater's out there

Current mood: tired

In light of a recent comment "fight" (and I use that term very loosely) I am going to ask that if you want to comment anything on my page, you have to be somewhat nice. 
I don't mean you can't criticize me, but please don't be a jerk-off and say something like "That was complete and utter sh*t. You are a disgrace to guitar" or "You're gay for liking *insert band name here*" And here's why:

1) Its very insulting to me to do something like this. It hurts my feelings. I have done nothing to provoke you, please show some respect and leave a good, constructive crit comment.

2) What I like to listen to is my own personal opinion. I'm really tired of people on this website bashing someone because they like TDWP, BMTH, or BFMV. You know what? GET OVER IT! Its called an opinion. People have them, its what makes YOU YOU. If you don't like someone's musical tastes, then leave them be. I've seen a lot of people (myself included) get trashed on the forum and their profile because they like a certain band. Don't leave any comments on here about how much you hate TDWP or SEA, because I'm gonna delete them without hesitation (I know, not very threatening but idc)

So, if you still feel like leaving a nasty comment, go ahead, but I'm just gonna delete it and then block you. I'm tired of arguing. I'm trying to kick my cursing habit. I feel bad and I feel bad about what I had to said to that person (but I meant every word of it buddy). So, please, if you feel like cussing me for God knows what reason, just PM me. Its a lot easier to delete.

Thank you, have a nice day 

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