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Monday, December 12, 2011

More helpful links

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Geofex - tube amp troubleshooting

Tube recs

The Genre web site:

How to clean fretboards:

My Vypyr fang removal and gut shots:

Amp Archives web site

Cathbards Standby Switch explanation:

http://guitaroracle.blogspot.com/2011/04/amplifier s-full-list-of-speakers-and.html
List of Manufacturers Thread

Marshall Amp History including tubes and celestions used


[QUOTE=Prophet of Page]Eddie Van Halen's solo on Beat It was played through a solid state Hartley Thompson amplifier, which was borrowed from Allan Holdsworth.

That same amplifer was used on Allan Holdsworth's album Metal Fatigue. 


I think that the clean tone on the chordal passages and the lead tone are both utterly stunning.[/QUOTE]

Best and Worst Tone You've Heard

Bugera Thread on Rig-Talk

BlackstarUK response 2016

My New Old 6505+ (spam)

CasinoEpiphone gets banned again :facepalm:

The Mark Cameron fiasco at RT

Zep Ripped Off Who?

Gear Teacher

My Jamaica photos
311 Cruise pics 2015
Gumbi's Theory of the Universe
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