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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bloggin it up

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OK I am writin up a quick blog. I been workin way hard this summer to get money (and my efforts have paid off)...while I don't necessarily want money because i am not all about it, I understand that everybody else is all about it and in order to garner any success doing what you want to do in life, unfortunately you need to have some sort of income. I would gladly love to become a street musician someday but I have bigger goals in mind and I am determined to make them a success. My number one goal in life is to start a charity foundation similar to "Playing for Change" except for all art (paintings, music, movies...the whole shabang). And in order to do that I need to have capital. Anyways this summer I have learned alot about success and how I might be able to gain it. 

The number 1 way to gain success is to never quit. I have already been told that I can't do this...Well fellas I will never quit no matter what you say...Walt Disney got turned down by over 240 banks before he finally got a loan to "build the happiest place on Earth" as he told all them bankers.

Never giving up and working as hard as you can will almost always show success. All you have to do is associate yourself with the right people and you will achieve.

Anyways, it has been a while since I actually wrote and recorded a song. I have been working with a friend on his concept album which is neat as it flaunts many different types of rock...blues-rock, classic rock, metal, and alternative...and the outcome is some very original songs. I have two posted on my page World So Greyt and Welcome Back...personally I feel Welcome Back was the most well-produced song I ever made.
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