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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Simple Songs

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For some reason I always have trouble trying to find creative but simple lyrics. This is something that I respect alot of people for being able to do especially since it seems so hard. I took a shot at it with You're My Love but I feel like that was too cliche and Beggar's House of Gold was probably the closest I have come to this simple lyrics mystery that I cannot find out. So I am in the process of writing a song called Heavy Blues which I am aiming to have simple blues style lyrics but since blues has had so many things done with it, it may be cliche. I like my guitar in it though. And the lyrics are being worked on. Me and my friend here at PSU are working together on a simple song about a man who travels and plays music. It is really tough to do and kudos to all those who can do it without being cliche.

Other notes: soon I will be putting up and alternate take at You're My Love. And Heavy Blues and the traveler song should both be up here soon. Man In The Glass will probably have to wait until summer. And I will be posting my first cover soon, Catfish Blues.

Have a good day ladies and gents.
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