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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Success Blog

Current mood: accomplished

Before my last appointment I sat down for five minutes and wrote about success and then I thought, there is so much to cover so I am going to post a book report I did for the book Three Feet From Gold which I highly recommend to everyone because it is awesome.

Alright so what I learned from the book:

Basically all success stories are defined by the same thing - No matter what happens, you have to strive forward and you must remember to keep pursuing your goal. Obviously a whole book did not just say this so I will break down all the different aspects involved:

1) Never stop "three feet from gold." So they tell a story (I don't know if you read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill but there are constant references to that book throughout this book, as a matter of fact the title Three Feet From Gold is a direct reference to Think and Grow Rich, which will be the next book I read) where this guy hits gold and believing he hit one of the biggest gold mines in history, he digs further but he gets past a small strip of gold and does not find any more. So he sells the land and the new guy read up on gold for a while and hired an engineer to examine it and the engineer said "it was a fault line of gold and if you dig to the side a little bit you will hit a jackpot." So the new guy did as he was told and after approximately three feet of digging, he hit gold.
So the whole thing is to never stop digging because you never know when you will hit gold. When life hits you hard and it always will, you just have to keep going because the gold is probably closer than you think.

2) Associate with winners. Association is half the battle for success. If you associate yourself with people who never think they can achieve anything, then you won't think you can achieve anything and the opposite is true too. Also associate with successful people in your field. If you tell an engineer that you will write a book he will say no way, but if you tell and english major you will write a book then he will give you good advice on how to accomplish your goals. So half the battle is association because then you will have confidence that you will achieve your goal and you will have expert advice.

3) There is an infinite amount of room at the top of the success latter. Anybody can be successful and you have to realize that before you start striving for it because it will give you the confidence to go forth with your goals. Everybody controls their own destiny and if you can believe that it is possible to become successful, then it is certainly possible.

4) Don't quit. When you quit, you are saying that you would rather know you are miserable than take a gamble for happiness. And that is absolutely ridiculous. You can never make a big decision at a low point in your life because with all the emotions controlling the decision 99% of the time, it will be wrong. So quitting should never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever be a choice or even a consideration. Well I guess this is actually exactly what #1 says just differently so this is officially #1b.

the real #4) Act as if you have already succeeded. This will basically give you the mindset that you are absolutely 100% sure that you will succeed. Acting like you have already done it will bring the goal off of its pedestal and make it seem alot more practical. So I will go into every appointment for CUTCO acting as if I already sold the Complete Kitchen to these guys. That way I will most likely sell Complete Kitchens and it will make the Homemaker seem like a little baby for people who don't cook at all. It is kind of cute, how little it is.

5) Spread the wealth. To truly become successful and to truly become a leader, you must be willing to help others succeed too. You have to be able to lend in open hand to help them truly turn into a successful person. This will make you better yourself as you will learn from their experiences as well but you will also become a true leader as many will look to you as a service to them. By the way, that is huge in this book. Successful people SERVE others. So you must be willing to serve in order to expect service from others.

I learned alot more from that book. This is basically the 5 main things I learned. Also writing this report actually made me realize how much more important these things truly are in life. "A dream is just a dream until it is written down." Now I am carrying a mini notebook on me to keep track of everything I learn in life. I am figuring out my goal in the next few weeks, chances are it will have something to do with running some music program for charity or something.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bloggin it up

Current mood: busy

OK I am writin up a quick blog. I been workin way hard this summer to get money (and my efforts have paid off)...while I don't necessarily want money because i am not all about it, I understand that everybody else is all about it and in order to garner any success doing what you want to do in life, unfortunately you need to have some sort of income. I would gladly love to become a street musician someday but I have bigger goals in mind and I am determined to make them a success. My number one goal in life is to start a charity foundation similar to "Playing for Change" except for all art (paintings, music, movies...the whole shabang). And in order to do that I need to have capital. Anyways this summer I have learned alot about success and how I might be able to gain it.

The number 1 way to gain success is to never quit. I have already been told that I can't do this...Well fellas I will never quit no matter what you say...Walt Disney got turned down by over 240 banks before he finally got a loan to "build the happiest place on Earth" as he told all them bankers.

Never giving up and working as hard as you can will almost always show success. All you have to do is associate yourself with the right people and you will achieve.

Anyways, it has been a while since I actually wrote and recorded a song. I have been working with a friend on his concept album which is neat as it flaunts many different types of rock...blues-rock, classic rock, metal, and alternative...and the outcome is some very original songs. I have two posted on my page World So Greyt and Welcome Back...personally I feel Welcome Back was the most well-produced song I ever made.
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Monday, May 31, 2010


I like blogs don't you? haha

Anyways I haven't written a blog entry in a while so I figured I would now. OK



mp3s should be coming...better ones in my opinion:
Man In The Glass, once I jam with my friend and put it all together
Ticking Backwards- which I think has an excellent opening guitar. I sung the first part on it but not the rest and after that I will be putting on the finishing touches.
Then there are a few other ideas floating around. Unfortunately, I have had a bad string at lyrics lately. Maybe it is because I am out of college and not thinking anymore? Or maybe it is because I am becoming more sane? Who knows. But I miss my poetic self.
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Monday, March 01, 2010


I really haven't been too inspired lately for poetic stuff. I really love to write poetry and I believe my best songs on here (Heaven's Ring, Fall of a Butterfly, and many others) are very poetic. However for poetry you need inspiration and it is something I have not come across lately. Its been a long time since I posted a good amount of songs for a reason. Usually when I think of poetry it just HITS me in the face and I roll with it. For example, I thought of Rain to Snow as I sat in math class staring outside and literally saw the weather change from raining to snowing. So I really need some inspiration although you can't really find it, it finds you. But as for my simple songs...I know I am a failure. I am trying so hard to make good lyrics for a simple song and it isn't working.http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/show thread.php?p=23391184#post23391184 <<< Heavy Blues is my latest crack at it and I just feel it lacks what I really wanted. Anyways help me out with both aspects. Give me inspiration or something. I am going to have to write poetry for my Creative Writing class soon anyways.
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Simple Songs

For some reason I always have trouble trying to find creative but simple lyrics. This is something that I respect alot of people for being able to do especially since it seems so hard. I took a shot at it with You're My Love but I feel like that was too cliche and Beggar's House of Gold was probably the closest I have come to this simple lyrics mystery that I cannot find out. So I am in the process of writing a song called Heavy Blues which I am aiming to have simple blues style lyrics but since blues has had so many things done with it, it may be cliche. I like my guitar in it though. And the lyrics are being worked on. Me and my friend here at PSU are working together on a simple song about a man who travels and plays music. It is really tough to do and kudos to all those who can do it without being cliche.

Other notes: soon I will be putting up and alternate take at You're My Love. And Heavy Blues and the traveler song should both be up here soon. Man In The Glass will probably have to wait until summer. And I will be posting my first cover soon, Catfish Blues.

Have a good day ladies and gents.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Man In The Glass

Current mood: Tired

Man in the Glass is likely to be my next recording. I may sing on it myself so you will be able to hear my voice but the details are it will be acoustic and i will be working with my guitar friend, Brian Fahy, on this one. I will post the lyrics with the mp3 but it is a real live poem that i am putting music behind. My granddad passed it down to the entire family since it was his favorite poem and he passed away several years ago and ever since I have been meaning to put music to it in his honor. I am very excited for this one. It has alot of promise.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First ever recording!!!

Current mood: Awesome

I had my friend Christian come over to help me record this using garageBand and we had a very good time and wipped this out. My friend, Christian, is singing and I play both guitars along with writing the lyrics. The lyrics are attached to the mp3 and also in my blog one blog down from this. It was a fun time and I will definitly have more recordings up sometime. My own songs may not be up for a while though because I am working on a concept album with Christian and friends. It is his album and he is pulling me in for blues parts. It will definitly be fantastic. I did write the lyrics to the last song of the concept album and I will be featured on guitar too so that one will probably be up here. Anyways I hope you enjoy my first recording :)

PS as for the song...there is an echo because we made the mistake of recording without headphones so u can hear a slight repeat of the acoustic guitar. But we didnt feel like re-recording so it is there still
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Beggar's House of Gold

Current mood: Bored and tired

I once heard a smart man ask
Would you rather live in a house of gold
Or make begging your task
And I said what must be told
I would be a beggar 'til I grow old

For money can't satisfy
The needs of any golden heart and soul
But begging can acquire my
Greatest spiritual goal
Of allowing the heaven's to unfold

I have seen the pow'r of gold
Halls filled with restless souls of living men
What good has the lifestyle sold
Sins hostille to our brethren
In favor of accursed gambling dens

Cover thee heart with a mask
Or play my music on the streets so cold
I will take the finer task
And have everyone sold
On being a beggar 'til they grow old
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lessons about guitar I have learned

Current mood: chill

These are three important lessons I have learned over the past couple months that helped develop my playing.

A - You MUST learn songs to develop your own playing skills. Learning songs simply puts more riffs and ideas in your little toolbox when you write songs. It puts everything in a new light and you can build songs much easier

B - Don't be afraid to play the same note consecutive times when playing. It helps make your songs sound alot more constructed.

C - Use vibrato on key notes only. Vibrato obviously makes songs better but you need to know when to use it for its full effect.

D - Figure out the rhythm guitar before the main guitar. The rhythm guitar really helps you feel out the best for the main guitar but the opposite won't jive well.

E - I figured out how to use GarageBand effectively . Still working out the kinks though...A Beggar's House of Gold will most likely be the first mp3 posted on my page. And maybe within the week.
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


My original was on the spot and it got a bit sloppy at the end so here is the revised version that I looked over and I feel is pretty complete.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

You are the color red
You provide me light
Yet you are so dark
I’m no match for all your might

Red is the color of blood
Thus it’s the symbol of life
But also the symbol of death
What does it symbolize at the edge of the knife

Red is the color of fire
The greatest discovery of man
Yet it tortures many persons
Once the fire expands

Is red the color of heaven
Or is it the color of hell
Did we get it all wrong
Are we under red’s spell

I am leaving you
For the color blue
To start a life anew
Now I turn to what’s true
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