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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sheet Music Templates to Print

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Hello everyone,
Just updating my Blog to include some sheet music templates. These two pages will show: open chord diagrams with tablature and barre chord diagrams with lyrics. You have the choice of using any of these diagrams, by simply drawing in the chords, scales, lyrics or tablature for your song. Tablature (TAB) is a very popular medium because it’s easy to read and play. The different sized lines are a visual display of the strings on the guitar. When you enter a number on any of these tablature lines, that number represents the fret number on the guitar. Entering a number where the quarter-note symbol is, determines the tempo of your song. This is measured in beats per minute (bpm).
As with the other diagrams in my Blogs, feel free to copy and print or hover over the image and select 'Print Picture...' if you have that option. Enjoy!!! 


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