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Monday, September 22, 2008

Equality, not the communist kind, my kind!(warning

Current mood: drunk like a russian

Al these people bitch about how men are better, and then women bitch that we're all equal, but they actually think they're better
(can i get away with that?)
well i think 'people' are better
example: Joe Satriani is better at guitar than me, he is better than some of you female guitarist, some of you may be better than them
another: Brody Dalle is way better at singing than me, she is better than a lot of people, a lot of people are better than her
who care if your male, female, can't distinguish between the two or just fuck ugly?
your all people, your all good at some stuff, your all bad at some stuff
If your shit at something don't whine, just face it you suck! i suck at guitar.
If you try to take one side they will probably turn on you anyway
thats why its better to take the third side
Don't go republican, don't be a monarchist, be yourself, rule yourself. thats what independance is for
so quit your bitching, this is how dictators come around and all that nasty shit, look at holocausts, look at wars. we wanna live in peace, and im not just saying that to sound cool
don't look for leaders either, you give them power and i guarantee they will srew things up
for example:George Bush, bitches about how the chinese treat the tibetans and how the russians invade georgia, and what has he done? attacked a third world country like iraq
:golfclap: well done george

Dont rely on what other people tell you is right or wrong, rely on yourself
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Top whatever concerts i have been to...

Current mood: nostalgic

This is such a hard choice because i have seen a fair few, and lets face facts, you can't go wrong with a concert, unless if the band sucks
here we go, this has actually took me a good while to think through
1.Linkin Park, download festival, donnington park 2007- When the band left for just a few members to play the little things give you away was epic, i dropped their drumstick :sad:
2.Chris Cornell, concert, Birmingham carling academy 2007-He didnt play his shit new album much, he played for ages and even did some of his temple of the dog stuff
3.Get Cape, wear cape, fly, Reading and leeds festival, leeds(i dunno where) 2008- the guy talked with the crowd and was generally nice, it had a good atmosphere and i didnt get crushed. war of the worlds was mint
4.Ozzy osbourne, concert, birmingham NIA 2007-this concert was epic, getting to see ozzy with only 2 days notice was mint, and he was supported by black label soceity. mint. I let charlie go on my shoulders and that was actually really painful, oh well. lol
5.Feeder, concert, Birmingham NEC 2005-i think it was 2005, my first ever gig, supported by goldie lookin chain, had such a good atmosphere so mellow but energetic
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