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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

adam and whatever

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When we broke out of the gates of heaven

Entered into eachothers bloodstreams staining bricks

On our way down tumbling like boulders too heavy to move

Rolling again breathing again in eachothers ringlet hair smelling good finally

Athena roared in our shoulders we were tired but adrenaline bass drum kicked through steady heartbeat that I could feel hard through your chest like we were made out of bees thousands of them who have just found their hive


Fell asleep at the base of the tree

Ivy green at dusk

Wind smelled like snake whispers

That night we were sure we were luckier than anyone to come before or after



When we broke out of the covers the black traffic thunderstorm blue

Golf ball hollow racket in the street dogs crying bullies huddled with the bullied for warmth under cardboard box cover echoes the third flood signs of the apocolypse

At the window looking down at mothers calling in their bike-riding devils

Before they all get washed away I turn to tell you to grab our long black trenches

We need to get out of here now but you’re sleeping still mouth open nickel-hole wide inhaling softly to let as much as possible inside and then out like a wish

You know is going to come true when the air is hot and humid and in spite of it all

You’re walking towards the baddest motherfucker in the bar to tell him straight all for you all for you and you won’t know it because you’re asleep but I’m praying for you to make it past me, I’m hoping to die before you

Falling apart earthquake slits in the pavement downstairs

And against all reason kicking off boots slipping out of pants unbuttoning shirts

Sliding in under your arms

Take me, I’m ready

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