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Thursday, October 06, 2011

brisbane hotel usa interp

brush away the cobwebs
radiator christ
the flies in here suicide bombers
terrorists for a northern light
that will shoot them up one evening
stoned stumble up church steps
moon illuminate our wing beats
capital be damned
son of sally darling
daughter of the holy lamb
take me
or leave me
1920s skyscraper where i’ve parked my dirigible
for the night
fights heart turnacit
control an even flow
sing for seeds to grow
or die trying
relive the past relationships machete notches in a mast
slaveship come home to rest
my breast is beast like ocean
my mouth hate god love god go god

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

adam and whatever

When we broke out of the gates of heaven

Entered into eachothers bloodstreams staining bricks

On our way down tumbling like boulders too heavy to move

Rolling again breathing again in eachothers ringlet hair smelling good finally

Athena roared in our shoulders we were tired but adrenaline bass drum kicked through steady heartbeat that I could feel hard through your chest like we were made out of bees thousands of them who have just found their hive

Fell asleep at the base of the tree

Ivy green at dusk

Wind smelled like snake whispers

That night we were sure we were luckier than anyone to come before or after

When we broke out of the covers the black traffic thunderstorm blue

Golf ball hollow racket in the street dogs crying bullies huddled with the bullied for warmth under cardboard box cover echoes the third flood signs of the apocolypse

At the window looking down at mothers calling in their bike-riding devils

Before they all get washed away I turn to tell you to grab our long black trenches

We need to get out of here now but you’re sleeping still mouth open nickel-hole wide inhaling softly to let as much as possible inside and then out like a wish

You know is going to come true when the air is hot and humid and in spite of it all

You’re walking towards the baddest motherfucker in the bar to tell him straight all for you all for you and you won’t know it because you’re asleep but I’m praying for you to make it past me, I’m hoping to die before you

Falling apart earthquake slits in the pavement downstairs

And against all reason kicking off boots slipping out of pants unbuttoning shirts

Sliding in under your arms

Take me, I’m ready

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Fishies

What you looked like
With lipstick on
Next to the three foot high
Fake Christmas tree
Is hard for me
To resee
On my desk
Every morning
That underwater state
Head buried in the pillow folds
Searching for Atlantis

But to let go of history
Is silly and leaves a worse taste
Than the projection of the warmth
In every bit of you hidden under your jacket

And that lipstick
Makes me want to stand vertical
But I’m caught below deck
With an anchor tied around my neck
Asking passing Mermaids for a bandaid and a smile
To put off the inevitable rebirth
I’ve been waiting for for the longest while

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

we have coal.

On my back on a blue plastic mattress
Skin sticking to the night
Outside the air is spinning
And the trees are breaking down
Like a cracking carborator
My lips sputter and squirm
Under the pressure of the moon
Pushing in and out my lungs and heart
Move separately and grind
Until the morning bird sings the first note
And my insides are a diamond.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

the fireline.

How fitting
The breeze should blow so hard today
That trees are stripped of their flowers
And buildings are stripped of their shingles

I pass a circle of spring petals
Arranged in a clearing by some forgotten hands
Like the sandcastle that deteriorates still
Even though the children are now in bed back home

There is no one to be the caretaker for the world today
There are only the shadows I pass on their way to work
And only my shadow watching me expectantly
Constantly forever,
How could the same hands that constructed love
Also have constructed pressure

The children in their bed have an inner ear infection
But they don’t even know it yet
The pain is dull and rising
Every day they are closer to maturity
Every day they fear less about the seasons
And more about how far they can let the fire spread
Before it consumes their world.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I see the child in the earth
still young, fingers cats cradled in blue string;
a twitch creates a river, a wriggle splinters a home-
a sack of blood and movement
surrounded by magma and stone

you feel at your cheek-
as if you were holding your lungs still
it turns purple quickly-
the dogs wait at the window
big black eyes,
they hear nothing but the rain,
they do not even hear the blood pitter on the hardwood-

two hands move in silence
only seen when lightning strobes-
those used to be mine;

I see your bruises blossom
I see the fingernails rake my breast
I see the child of the earth
contract his muscles to make a fist

and soon they are upon us.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I just need to start, head down, protect the jaw-
where were you when
work was done with the trowel and hammer
boats were made of wood
and were sailed in the backwaters
the marshes overgrew and held movement

arms up, move first, first move quick jab, jab!-
the Volga, my mother, flew clean and brisk,
bathers rose at six am to cleanse
the dark night from their skin-
and within the sky was
the crescent moon linger
and within the water was
the crescent moon ripple;

the eyes, watch their movements, clench, pull the trigger-
you saw the smoke take control of the horizon
but when you arrived at the battleground
all you saw was a mole-
deformed, tumored, pregnant,
and when she asked "help"
you dreamily wondered where the water had went

and drank in toxins until june 1985
where Stalin found your bones
after cutting the red tickertape
and exploring the newly drained lake basin.

He stacked the skulls, you and the mole's,
and suddenly knew his empire was immortal.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


what you said
that frogs don't drink
alchoholic or not
made my heart swell.
And I pictured a balloon
on a clear summer day,
string attached to my chest,
rising past the world's ceiling.
I wave to the sun, the sun waves back
then the planets; coloring book colors all purple o-
range, red seeping out from their predetermined lines,
look back,
over the water
the white clouds swirl
your words always make me smile
you beautiful beautiful girl
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Monday, February 16, 2009

When the sun explodes.

When the sun explodes.

Were we? Inside.
Did we? Watch
it finally fall.
H by H? C by C.
Cold now? No
not so much.
Numb? A little.

What hurts? me,
me hurts.
Where are? The ribs
I hear they are
our last? We hope
last hope, I’m sick
of blood? Of flesh.

In my hand
the Ribs? We shall,
shall we? Eat
if you know what…
what I want to be?
Of course, of course, I know
then what? A tree.
Won’t you? Die,
of course.

You? I’ll be a dragon
and die? Of course,
as any dragon will die
without heat
will we be? When we’re gone
none left? The bliss
the silence, no echo
just atoms fall,
cold? Without us,
frigid. Without us
is this? Real?
No. Is this humane?
No. Is this human?

Were we?

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Monday, February 09, 2009

for a birthday; friendship poem take 2

for a birthday

When we’re left alone at the end of the evening
The champagne bubbling like a volcano in our tummies,

The friends have passed out, some with their own hair
In their mouths, and their eyes blister like trout
Bubbling, a pot of boiling water, dreaming,

It’s cold in here, the windows open
And you have a dream catcher that wriggles with the breeze
It reminds me of my father so much I don’t even feel
The arms twist around me like apple roots

Down in the earth outside I hear an earthworm
It wants to wish you a happy birthday too
But it has no mouth, it has no hands,
It has no way to declare it’s love for you;
It has no tongue, it has no arms,
I guess my translation will have to do

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
We turn off the lights
Look into the dark
Face our fears with tightening fingers
And promise to always
Survive. Always.

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